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Reaching Swansea and beyond with the Gospel of Christ


in-person service

2 pm

in-person service

7.30 pm

What We are about

The Potters House Swansea is a place where people can meet Jesus, engage in life giving community, and everyone is welcome. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ , their lives changed, whilst discovering their gifts and using them for God’s glory.

Message from the Pastor

I was born and raised in Leyton, East London. I didn’t come from a Christian background so Christianity wasn’t on my radar. Having come from a broken home, I had lots of thoughts swimming around my head from a young age. Life came to a halt when my mother died of cancer when I was 14. Life took a tail spin from thereon, depression etc. In 1991 at the age of 16 somebody spoke to me in my college about Jesus Christ. I was invited to the Potters House church in Waltham Forest, London. By the end of the night I gave my life to Jesus Christ and my life has never been the same since. I got baptised at 17 and became a disciple (follower of Christ) thereon. In 2011 my wife and I were privileged to be sent out of the Waltham Forest conference to pioneer a church in the city of Swansea, Wales.

Our passion is to see young people, couples, singles, older people get saved and become disciples for Jesus Christ. If you don’t have a church, then you are welcome to be apart of what God is doing in The Potters House, Swansea!

Kind Regards,

Pastor Tyrone Raybe

What to expect

A regular service typically last approx. 60-90 minutes

with Worship, Prayer, Offering, a Message from the Word of God, and an Opportunity to respond.

(For those with young children, there is childcare available and activities for all age groups, so you won’t miss out.)

We are a family, so expect to feel welcomed and meet different people with different backgrounds with the same story, ‘Jesus Christ Changed my life’!


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